Thursday, February 23, 2012

For the Common Good!

A letter I received tonight from my oldest daughter (11) in orange marker.....

Dear Mom,
I think we should be allowed to read in bed tonight.

The core democratic value I would use for this situation is the common good. Reading could increase our reading level just a bit. 

Reading is a subject everyone needs.  People need to read to drive, cook, build, etc. Without reading the world would be a mess.

The average reading teacher would say, "Read as much as you can!"  Others may say, "It is way past your bedtime!" (that would be a reference to me a few minutes earlier)  However, I disagree; because bedtimes can be delayed on nights you get to sleep in.  Half an hour of reading never deprived anyone of sleep. ( I beg to differ)  

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.  (As I heard her giggling in the next room)
Love your amazing daughter,

Here was my reply.....

Because of the common good....

I do believe that I need to thank a teacher for the inspiration for this letter.  Thank you, Mrs. Brown.  I guess they had to write letters like this in class and Mrs. Brown told the kids to try it at home.  Bwahahahahaha  Teachers are sooooooo awesome!


  1. Haha! I love that! She argued her point very well. :)

  2. Thank you for sharing this with me! I taught my students how to write persuasive letters concerning public policy. I'm so glad Rachel connected it to something important in her life. I've been persuaded; I'll allow my children to read in bed for up to half an hour prior to sleeping:-)

  3. She gets extra marks for creativity!


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