Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Business and Birthday Party Surprises!

We are deep into some really fun stuff around here.  I am actually really excited about it.

One of my daughters decided that she wanted to give a HUGE amount of money to missions.  Actually, she said that God told her she needed to raise this HUGE amount.  So, be checking back to see how she is going to raise this money for our missionaries.

Lets just say it has a little to do some very sticky fingers and with this....

A great business plan...

And some great creativity....

Oh and one little girl will be turning 9 next week.  She came up with a great birthday party theme.  She is really making me work hard on this one. Hahahahaha

Shhhhhh it is going to stay confidential until next week....

Oh and the following suspects may or may not be involved with the crime. 

Hahahahahaha what a hoot around here these days.


  1. You always have the most fun parties!


  2. You have piqued my interest today!

    Was that an art project made with tape pieces? Cool!
    Also curios about the party plan!

    Have a blessed day Christina!

  3. her duct tape projects are super talented! Wow! Way to go Rachel!


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