Friday, February 17, 2012

A Mystery Birthday Party!

My daughter decided that she wanted a "Clue" themed party for her 9th birthday.  I was up for the challenge. 

Someone stole the Birthday Cake!  Who stole it?   What did tool did they use to steal it with? What room did they hide the cake in?  We needed to solve the case!

The invitations went out....
Each child received a suspect card with their picture on it.  The girls loved it.  I asked them to come dressed in the color of their card.  I also told them that they would be the new name on their card as well.  I made sure that no one purchased a costume.  The girls got creative and made some fun things to make their character work!

All the suspects joined us for the party at Buzzel Mansion....
Top row (left to right) Miss. Scarlet, Miss. Peach, Miss. White, Lady Lavender, Princess Azure
Middle row: Lady Magenta, Madame Rose, Miss. Peacock, Miss. Tangelo, Coral the Cook
Bottom row: Mrs. Brunette, Mr. Green, Professor Plum and Detective Brown.
My son not appearing; because he did not want his picture taken...Mr. Baby
When the kids arrived we got their mug shots.  Don't you just love the expressions?!

Once all the girls arrived, we went over how the game was going to be played.  Each girl received a gift bag with a clip board, their clue worksheets, a map, a fun new gel pen, and a ring pop (just because candy is fun).

First they had to figure out...What room was the cake hidden in?
There were nine possible rooms.  They had to find a hidden card to determine if that was the room or not.  If they found the card, they knew that it was not the room used in the crime.  One room did not have a card, so that was the room.  The rooms where: the hall, office, nursery, TV room, living room, bathroom, kitchen (the scene of the crime) dinning room, my favorite the ballroom.  The ballroom had a bunch of balls on the floor.  I told the girls it really wasn't a safe place to dance. Hahahahahahahaha
During dinner, the girls had to find out what tool was used to swipe the cake.  Each adult had information regarding one of the tools used.  The girls where aloud to ask yes or no questions privately or out loud.  They could not directly ask the name of the tool we had information about.  The possible swiping tools were: pillow case, box, fork, backpack, or dog.  So they could ask questions like...Is it fluffy?  Is it square?  Is it pointy? I think you get the idea.
Some of them wanted to be sneaky and keep their answers to themselves.  Some of them just wanted to eat and asked there questions out loud.  It was fun watching them trying to figure things out.

We took a break for presents! 

To figure out who the suspect was we taped a picture of a random suspect on each girls back, except one (we didn't have a picture for who did it).  When I said go, they had to look at each others back to see who did not do it.  They could only ask yes or no questions about the one on their back and they could not directly ask, "Is mine so and so?"  They could ask, "Does mine wear blue?" Or they could ask, "Is mine a girl?"  Some people tried to keep each other from seeing their backs.  That was fun!
 Grandma and Grandpa even got in on the fun!

 On the table was a sealed envelope with the answers.  After everyone had figured it out, the birthday girl got to open the envelope.  She then revealed the answer.... 
The thief used the Pillow Case to stash the cake and hid it in the 
TV Room.  The Thief was none other than the naughty chocoholic Professor Plum!

During the "BIG REVEAL" the culprit disappeared.  We found her in the TV Room with the cake!  The girls loved it!  Detective Brown handcuffed her and punished her...NO CAKE for Professor Plum!

This was the stolen cake.  There was even a piece taken out of it.  Hilarious! 
What a great idea?!!!!What a fun party.  Happy Birthday Dear Sweet Girl!  Now Blow out your candle and make a wish!

We then ended the evening by signing our family Birthday table cloth and eating our found stolen cake!

Whewwww, I am glad we figured out where the cake was; because it was YUMMY!

Happy Birthday to my 9 year old!  Your family loves you more than words can say!


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  1. this is SOOOO cute! you should be a party planner. and you can start with my girls! lol


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