Sunday, November 4, 2012

2012 Kid's Christmas List

I love posting my kids Christmas list; because it is fun to look back at old ones and seen how they have grown in their choices.  I also love to see what crazy things they pick out!

Drum roll please.......
So, here is the lists for this year....

The 12 year old list

Orange Purse

On the list again

DS Game -  Super Princess Peach for Nintendo DS

Craft stuff like: Duct tape, boxes, yarn, and colorful beads

The 9 year old list (I left it just as she wrote it...cause it is just too cute)

Last but not least....
Big roll of buble rap
My 4 year old
Anything Cars, Toy Story, Super Heroes, or Thomas and we are good!
These cars
Toy Story


Some mom choices...
New sippy cups
Just because I think he will like this

For his wall, decal
New bedding for his new bed

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