Sunday, November 11, 2012

Around the World!

Yup, that is what my sister is going to do next year.  She will be going on a year long missions trip.  11 countries, 11 months on the World Race!  She has already begun blogging about it.  Go check it out and support her if you can.

I will even share some of our perspective here and some of her post.

We are so proud of her.  She amazes us every day!  And like one of the comments I left there...We are going to miss you terribly; but are cheering you on fervently!  Godspeed Sis!

Here is her first post...
I feel it is quite difficult for any person to be found wanting.  Here is where God has led me.  He has had me on a journey to lose myself completely to be found in Him.  Last January, I was reading through the gospels and the most significant verse that for some reason stood out to me was Luke 5:11, “So they pulled their boats up on shore, left everything and followed Him. “ They made it sound so easy.  Is it really that easy?  I couldn’t understand at that time how much God wanted me to get it.  The day before my dad had his stroke on Mother’s Day of 2012, I felt God speaking to my heart to trust Him even when I would lose all.  It didn’t frighten me at the moment, but the next day started a series of watching things slip away from my life.  Thus began an incredible and painful journey of trusting in Him and watching His footsteps right there along the way.  In August, I heard about a journey that a young girl would take to several countries with just a backpack and a lot of trust in God.  I was instantly intrigued.  I began to pray that if He opened the doors, I would walk through them.  That is exactly what happened. 

Next September of 2013, I will be traveling to several countries with a backpack on my back and a lot of trust in my heart that God will use me to deliver the gospel to “the least of these” to share in their joy, suffering and bring hope.  I’m excited to live a Luke 10-likefaith for a time and to share that journey in hopes that your faith too will be encouraged.

My mom said I was always curious.  I know it too.  I was the kid back in the early 80's that would have benefitted from one of those kiddie-leashes.  I was also that kid that rolled around underneath the pews at church ending up near the baptismal or the alter or some woman's ankles diving into her purse, but no where near my mom quietly sitting and coloring.  I was a good kid, but curiosity always got me into trouble. 

If you asked me 4 years ago if I would like to go on this trip, after much consideration, I would kindly say no.  The fear would be overwhelming.  I will not lie, that fear at times right now is overwhelming, but something feels bigger.  I believe the call feels stronger and louder.  My curiosity of a great God overwhelms me more than my fear.  I so desperately want to see what He will do in my heart, in the world and here at home.  For some reason the call to find out and solve my curiosity is to leave all.  It’s the age old question, “what if?”

I’m going to find out. -Jennifer

Go check out some more here!

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