Tuesday, November 20, 2012

2012 Ornament Reveal

Ta Daaaaa! It is our 2012 ornaments!  And man, our ornaments really show our personalities! We had a blast picking them out this year and of course the last one to pick one out was our oldest daughter.  So without further ado, here are our picks!

Here is mine.  I love all things beautiful and snowy white at Christmas.  I love the artistic side of this bulb...do you see how it looks like frost is on it?!  I love it!
 My son, of course, loved finding the monster truck ornaments.  Hahahahaha he picked the Grave Digger...a little creepy for Christmas in my opinion.  He was also mad that there was a string on the top of it.  He wants to play with it not look at on the tree.  LOL

My middle girl likes all things cool.  She likes the glass ornaments.  I think it is because of how the Christmas lights twinkle behind them.  They sure are breakable; but man are they pretty.  

 Okay, my husband loves bacon...and his pick shows his undying love for it in such a silly way.  I have bacon and eggs hanging right in the middle of my tree.  Hahahahahahahahahaha  I secretly think he tries to pick the weirdest one just to get me going....just a guess...but I think it is true!

Finally after much searching,  my beautiful indecisive almost teenager picked out food.  Yup, a doughnut!  Get this...it is squishy like the sweet treat too.  It is weird!  But she loves it!  
So yup, those are our 2012 ornament picks.....too funny!  It is great seeing how we decided on an ornament that we just have to have on our tree. 

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