Monday, April 6, 2009

One Decision

When I was going into the first grade my mother decided that she wanted to switch private schools for me. She has told me that she cried for a week regarding the decision. I was going to one Christian school and had made two friends Jenny Stanislawski (Jenna) and Colette Christmas. My two friends decided to go to another Christian school (Fairlane Christian School); but my mom was not so sure about this new one. Those Assembly of God people could be very different and she was not sure she wanted me around "those" people. LOL Somehow, God spoke to her and gave her peace about the transition. From that one decision I can show you how we are right smack dab in the middle of God's plan....

          • I met my best friend Renee Rigley at that school; she went to Brightmoor Assembly of God.

          • I was the second person in my family to be filled with the Holy Spirit at that school.

          • I was called into full time ministry while at Fairlane.

          • During the 8th grade my parents decided to change churches and I begged them to go to Brightmoor.

          • At Brightmoor, my parents met Phil and Sherry Pfaltzgraff.

          • During 9th grad at FCS I met a guy named John Johnson.

          • I started dating John in 10th grade.

          • In the 11th grade I went on a mission's trip to Mexico and God confirmed my calling into ministry.

          • 12th grad John and I broke up, He went off to Central Bible College.

          • I visited CBC, didn't want to go, but God told me to.

          • Went to CBC in the fall of 1994.

          • John and I got back together, got married and graduated.

          • Our first position was at Petoskey Assembly of God working with Phil Pfaltzgraff.

          • The first summer there we went to camp and met a youth pastor, Brad Withrow.

          • We later went to Sault Ste. Marie and youth pastored there, after two years we felt released to leave and was asked by Pastor Brad Withrow to come and youth pastor in Gladwin.

          • We have been in Gladwin for 6 years.

          • Excited to see where God will take us next on our journey through this life.

          It is kind of funny that I can point back to one decision that my mom made when I was going into first grade that would lay the path for my entire life of decisions. It is so neat to see that my mom's decision began the ground work of who I would meet as I grew up. Why have I told you all this? Simple really, as parents we need to realize that every decision, every plan we make needs to be taken to the Lord in prayer. My verse that I have posted over on the side is a life verse for me, Jer. 29:11. God know the plans He has for us. As parents, we need to seek God's wisdom for our children and the choices that they will be making. We need to direct them to God's path. Of course they must choose whether to walk on it or not; but lets give them every opportunity to get there.
          There is no better peace than knowing that you are right smack dab in the middle of God's plan. Especially when the storms come and the water rises, you know that God is in control. Let's remember to bring every decision, even the ones that seem small, to the foot of the cross.

          Then we will...
          GET JOY!
          In the picture above, Mrs. Harpan's first grade class at Fairlane Christian School. I am wearing the white dress with my hand raised. I am sitting to the left of Colette. Jenna I think is sitting behind me.


          1. A good reminder that we definitely need to pray over all parenting decisions, even ones that may not seem as "big" as where we send our kids to school.

            Cute picture, too!

          2. Nice story and history. Reminded me of when I was a child, Petoskey, MI, and looking for Petoskey stones with my Dad.
            Also, definitely something good to think about, being in God's will and what He wants for our lives. I struggle with that and making decisions. My own will gets in the way a lot, I think.

          3. These decisions we pray over every day do matter...thanks for the reminder. Just curious...are you still friends with any of the three you mentioned in your post?

          4. :) thanks for linking this post up. It is a blessing to look back and see how God directed your life! If you hadn't met John, I never would have met YOU! Praise God for John Johnson, right?? lol don't tell him I said that. :)


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