Monday, June 22, 2009

A Car Ride Home!

Busy, busy morning planned for me today as I rushed out the door. I had to go to Midland. It is a 40 minute trip there. And of course I forgot to bring my cell phone with me. I thought about not having it for a moment and went on my merry way to two doctor's appointments (dentist and my baby's 9 month check up) and my usual trip to Wal-mart.

On the way home something not so unusual happened, I heard some strange noises coming from our car. The sounds were nothing startling or nothing we haven't heard before. So I just started praying. I first started thanking God for our car. It was given to us 9 years ago. It has been a wonderful car. my prayers then went on to thanking Him for always meeting our needs. We have been given a few cars. Now that I think about it, in the 13 years we have been married we have never bought a car. But as I was driving those strange noises got a little stranger and I still had 25 more minutes of driving. And of course, I began to worry. I didn't have my cell phone. My baby was in the back seat sleeping. What if this car breaks down, what am I going to do? God reminded me about how He will always take care of us. I just prayed that I would make it home ok. 15 minutes later I had forgotten the whole thing.

It is funny how so many times I forget how God has taken care of us. I forget that He has answered our prayers. He has met all our needs. He is so good to us and I find so many times that I complain. He is listen to my every word. He is listening to all my thoughts. He cares about my deepest need. He longs to answer my prayers and how easily I forget His goodness, His mercy, His grace, His power, His might...His love.

As I turned into my drive way our car broke down. I got the baby out walked into the house crying. I wasn't crying about the car, I was crying because God heard me. We were safe at home. Sometimes, I just need to know that He hears me. Today, I know without a shadow of a doubt He heard ME and watched over me and my son. What if my car stalled like that while I was going 70mph 20 minutes earlier or when I was passing a car on a country road 10 minutes after that?!

So what about the car? One of the belts had completely fallen off and a piece broke off. My husband called our car guy. He came to our house (how amazing is that). He went and bought the part and fixed our car right there (crazy amazing). Our need met in less than a half an hour. God is awesome.

I am reminded by this verse to not let the things of this world cause us to forget how much God cares about us.
1 Peter 5:7 (New International Version)
7Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

God hears ME and He hears YOU...



  1. LOVE your new layout! :) so fun!

    this is a great post. he does meet our needs and he hears our cries! thank you for sharing your story today!

  2. That is an amazing testimony!

    I definitely know He was watching over all of us Saturday evening, too.

    We serve such an awesome God!


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