Monday, June 15, 2009

My Art!

My friend, Jenilee wanted me to post some of my art. I don't have any hanging around my house, sad kinda. A lot of things I do, I end up giving away. The first set of drawings is straight out of my sketch book. I love sketching. Pencil is my favorite medium, it always has been. So these were done back in the day when I had one baby and a lot more time.

This one is of a girl in our youth group. I auctioned off my skills for Speed the Light. This is what they had me do.

Before my third little one came into the picture, I did the bulletin board in the school library. It was a fun outlet.

I enjoy painting furniture and wood pieces. I wish I had more time sometimes.

I use to work at a pottery place. I loved that job. I got to paint a lot while working there.

Art is something I enjoy to do. People always ask me, "Why don't you make a job out of it...You could make a lot of money?" But that is just love would become a job and not just something I do to express myself. Hopefully, when my baby is older, I will get some of that time back. If not...I am busy doing God's work and that is a much bigger passion in me than putting my hand to the paper.
Use the talents as you can, as God gives you opportunity and ...

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