Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A new schedule, baking powder and a little vinegar POOF summer woes are gone!

Our plan is in place! The girls and I came up with a schedule to get us through the summer when we are home. We sat down together and this is what we came up with.


8-9:00 -Computer time(writing on their blog)/ Chores

9:00- Breakfast/ Clean up

9:30-10:30 - Computer time(writing on their blog)/ Chores (10:00 baby nap)

10:30 - snack/break time

11:00 - Arts & Craft time

12:00 - Lunch/Clean up

1:00 - Music time/ Walk

2:00 - Learning time (baby nap)

3:00 - Play outside /Free time

4:00 - Help with dinner, set table

5:00 - Dinner/Clean up

6:00 - Reading with Mom or Dad time

7:00 - Get ready for bed, quiet book time till 8pm.

We came up with a chore list and a special day list. Here are some examples...

Make bed and feed the dog

Tuesday dress up day all day and Friday is Movie night.

We then colored our list and hung them on the refrigerator.

We went to these sites for learning time.

We played with vinegar and baking soda. You should have seen thier eyes when it almost went out of the jar. We also played with cornstarch mixed with water. The girls really like how it was slimy yet you could roll it in a ball. A few Polly pockets got to enjoy the goo. It was fun stuff. The girls also made parachutes for there toys. There is another mini Polly pocket enjoying the ride. - great videos for kids. We learned about rainbows and some other fun things.

I have determined this is more of a guideline than a strict schedule. It will have to be very flexible for me. There has to be time for me to take care of an 8 month old and house work. I have also decided to just take it one day at a time since every fiber in my being loathes structure at home.

Keep checking in for some more fun ideas!

Maybe I will...


from structure. LOL


  1. I love this!! great ideas! I forgot about baking soda and water. fun stuff! :) keep posting your ideas!

  2. I love schedules! it's just sticking to them that's having the girls decorate & get into them too, though!


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