Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer Activities for my Kids!

Monday, started summer vacation at our home, It is the beginning of realizing what it is like to have three kids at home ALLLLLLLL day! (Don't laugh to hard moms out there with 3 or more) I was very blessed to have my baby in September and my two older girls in all day school.

So lets sum up the last two days....Fighting...Crying...."I'm bored mommy!"...."I'm hungry mommy!"..."Can we do something fun yet?" ....Crying....Yelling during babies nap.... Waking the baby up very early from his nap....
YIKES I WAS VERY UNPREPARED FOR THAT! And somehow, I have to do house work????

Okay, apparently I need to have a plan of attack. I need to strategize and make a plan. I hate plans and schedules but it may be a necessity. I have two plans in place at the moment. One, is to keep them writing so I set them up with blogs for the summer; two, I am reading to them chapter books before bed and then they can read at bedtime.

Today, I am going to sit down with the girls and come up with a game plan. I will post what we come up with here tomorrow. I will also post some past great ideas and new ones.

Today's Great Idea:

Canvas Painting- Walmart has some wonderful canvas boards that are not expensive. Get some acrylic paint also in the craft section at walmart. Take your kids to a park, beach, garden or your back yard and tell them to paint what they see.
Items you will need:
Yucky clothes (don't want paint on your kid's cute stuff)
Water & heavy bowls/containers to rinse brushes (you don't want the wind to knock it down)
Paper towel
You will have something ready to hang on the wall. Take ribbon and glue it around the edges to finish it off so you don't have to buy a pricey frame!

Let summer vacation begin!GET JOY!

Interpretation of my younger daughters painting...inside of her bucket. The last one is mine!


  1. first of all your painting is amazing and I want it. :)

    second of all, you'll get it. :)

    nap time = quiet time. books. my older girls read books or watch a movie or color during abbys nap. oh and a fan works great.

  2. We gave all the paintings to my grandma that day. There was a bunch of us doing it, like ten of us. John even got in on it! LOL

  3. I have another week before those same words come out of my kids mouths...I don't have the baby just yet to worry about (due in November) but I have been thinking about ways to keep my kids busy this summer too...I always buy the Summer Bridge series books for my kids (they are workbooks from Grade 1 to Grade 2 to keep things fresh in their mind). We will be working on those for a little every morning and then I am setting up chores that they can do to help me with housework and also learn the responsibility of life :)Can't wait to see your ideas tomorrow...

  4. what a great mom you are-painting at the beach???? awesome idea!
    love your banner, by the way-and this song (In Christ Alone).


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