Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer School Art Day 2

Sewing was on the schedule today. I really didn't have time to do this....so my sewing is not neat at all but it turned out cute still. I changed it up again today from the assignment.

My daughter is going to camp next week and we all know how clean camp bathrooms are. LOL I decided to make a travel towel. I used this cool hankerchief I had and never used, towel, ribbon, my sewing machine, string and scissors. An Wha-La a cute little travel towel for my girl to carry down to the bathroom.

I folded a long ribbon in half and sewed the fold into the seem on the side. I then sewed a pocket for her travel toothpaste, toothbrush and soap. She then can fold it half... then in half again... roll it up ...and tie it in a bow. It is neat, clean, easy and I can throw it in the wash when she gets home.

I just love how I cut off all the strings for you UGH!


  1. so clever-i love how you used what you had on hand! the bandana colors are perfect for a girls camp towel!
    now if only her mom knew how to bead a monogram on it so no one would snag it...j/k
    i love your projects-maybe next week I can feature them in a roundup?


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