Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Scary Dances and Dangerous Pants

My conversations with my kids this morning....

Me - So is your class doing something for the Valentines Day Dance? (they usually perform a line dance for everyone on the stage)

Oldest Daughter - Yes (with a pouty face)

Me - What are you doing for it? (Last year it was "Achy Break Heart" Yikes)

Oldest Daughter - We are doing a square dance and it is SCARY!

Me - (I was very curious about the choice of word...scary. I will agree that square dances are scary simply because of the nature of the dance. LOL But I got the impression she had a different reason for it being scary.) Why is it scary?

Oldest Daughter - You have to touch the boy's hands! (with a look of yuck on her face)

Me - Oh, I see why that would be scary!

I later found out that they have been practicing on Thursdays. My daughter and her best friend came up with a plan to wear long sleeves so that they can cover their hands. LOL Apparently, I need to make sure she has a long sleeve shirt ready for tomorrow.

(found out that the sleeves we not long enough; but it was okay because they had hand sanitizer)


I got out my youngest daughters clothes for her this morning. When she saw her pants this was our conversation....

Youngest Daughter - Those pants hurt me!

Me - Why do they hurt you?

Youngest Daughter - They trip me! (mind you these pants are short like a capri but look like a skirt)

Me - How do they trip you?

Youngest Daughter - They trip me when I run on the track!

Me - You don't have gym today

Youngest Daughter - I don't know if I have gym and I don't want to wear them because they trip me.

Me - It doesn't matter, we just had a snow storm. I am pretty sure you will not go on the track.

Youngest Daughter - I don't want to wear them...THEY TRY TO KILL ME!

So, I went and got her a different pair...I wouldn't want her to be killed by her pants. Ugh! more....

Youngest Daughter - Do you know why I like toilet paper?

Daddy - Why? (because how useful it is in wiping, that is what he was thinking)

Youngest Daughter - Because of the pretty colors on the packaging!

I love conversations with my kids...


  1. hahaha! Kids say the cutest (and sometimes very confusing) things! Love it!

    The Lazy Mom
    visiting via Lazy Wed Walk from

  2. Kids say such funny things! Such imaginations!

  3. I remember this post. yes, touching boys hands is very scary! LOL


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