Thursday, August 12, 2010

National Fine Arts Festival

Last week, I had an amazing opportunity to be an evaluator (2D & 3D Art) at our Assemblies of God National Fine Arts Festival here in our State in Detroit! It was so awesome and hard at the same time! Three days of hard work! Here are some pictures! I was also able to go to the Celebration Service on Friday night to see the top winners...they were unbelievable! Oh, just to let you know how big it was there were 12,000 students that participated in it this year....Wow!

Here is the art gallery 120+ pieces of 2D plus 40+ of 3D art (this is only half the other half was photography(200+), graphic design & t-shirt design)...
Here is some of the art....

Celebration Service...Awesome!

Oh and way back in the day when I was a teenager I was able to be in National Fine Arts at Minneapolis. Here are some pics....

Here is my entry for the art division! It hangs in John's office bathroom now. LOL
John doing his thing in the short sermon category!

We received a Superior for Small Vocal Ensemble.
For all you A/G people it was a General Council year!

This is so a "NOT ME"....but I could not wait Jenilee....

Oh, and a funny side note....During the judging, people would stand around us and make comments and we would have to politely ask them to step away. On the third day I was writing and a man was making comments about one of the pieces....I had had it at this point. I was just about to shush him. When I looked up that man, I was annoyed with, was Dr. George Wood, Superintendant of the Assemblies of God along with Jay Mooney, National Youth Director. I am sure glad I did not shush them! YIKES!

However, I told the other evaluators what I had almost had done and we were all laughing out loud. I told Dr. Wood what I almost did and he got a good chuckle out of it and said I could shush him anytime. LOL I know all you A/G readers would get a kick out of that story.

Teenagers and their talents amaze me!

You can go here and learn more about National Fine Arts Festival!


  1. you almost shushed george wood??? you are so funny! not me for SURE! :)

  2. Wow Christina, what an honor for you. Thanks for sharing your experience. Lara~


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