Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What Seems To Be Our Biggest Hurdle!

We began a process yesterday that John and I have never done before.  John's friend came over.   He is a realtor.  We are putting our home up for sale in the next two weeks.  I know God has called us to plant a church.  However, I have a wide range of feelings about the whole moving thing. 

I am disappointed.  We found out how much our home is worth.  I now understand the housing crisis our state and country is in.  Thankfully, we owe less then what it is worth.  Sadly, that is not true for a lot of hard working Americans. It is so sad to hear how much less our house is worth than when we bought it.   
At our home just after our 2nd daughter was born.

I am concerned.  We want to be over in Bay City this summer.  That is what we are feeling God wants us to do.  But honestly after talking to the realtor I think a miracle is in order.  There are so many homes in foreclosure right now and going for next to nothing.  People are looking for deals.  I am concerned people will not want our home; because it is not necessarily a deal. 
My two girls winging in the yard.

I am worried.   I do not see how we can sell our house in 6 months at the price we want.  Then where does that leave us in transitioning over to Bay City?  Are we going to be able to find a home that works for our family?  I do not know these answers.  This seems like such a big hurdle. 
Christmas at our home.

I am sad.  This is our first home.  Two of my babies have been born here.  We have cried, laughed, celebrated, grown and loved in this house.  Now it is time to start packing up boxes and saying good bye to this house that has sheltered us for almost 10 years.  So many memories and so much joy in this old house. 
Watching TV with our new little guy!

I feel overwhelmed.  There is some work that needs to be done before we list it; work that needs to be done in the next two weeks.  UGH!  We don’t have a lot of time to do this work; but somehow we have to make it work.  We shall see how it all gets done.

Celebrating Birthdays!
I am excited.   Yes, there are some positive feelings in the midst of all the negative ones.   It is so much fun looking at new houses.  I love, love, love it!  It is fun to dream.  It’s fun to explore new possibilities.  It is great hearing the kids request….stairs, their own rooms.  New home shopping is a blast. 

Yup, there are a lot emotions stirring inside of me.   I am human.  It amazes me how earthly things can cloud my vision so quickly.  This house thing is really a small thing to my God and yet it seems so huge to me.  It is so easy for me to not trust.   However, I am choosing to trust.  I am going to trust in God.  He is tried and true!  I am going to trust His promises. 

Girls room redone!
Romans 8
25 But if we look forward to something we don’t yet have, we must wait patiently and confidently.
26 And the Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness. For example, we don’t know what God wants us to pray for. But the Holy Spirit prays for us with groanings that cannot be expressed in words.
27 And the Father who knows all hearts knows what the Spirit is saying, for the Spirit pleads for us believers in harmony with God’s own will.

And I am going to cling to this verse...

28 And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.

Playing the Wii in the living room with friends.
If He has called us to Bay City…He is going to move us.  He is going to take care of our home.  He has it all figured out already.  I need to let go of my house and “Let God”. He is going to meet our need.  I am choosing to trust His Word.  

Hebrews 13
21 may he equip you with all you need
      for doing his will.
   May he produce in you,
      through the power of Jesus Christ,
   every good thing that is pleasing to him.
      All glory to him forever and ever! Amen.

Thank you Lord for our home.  God’s got this!


  1. We'll be praying it sells quickly and your new house is found quickly! So happy to have you joining us down south though :)

    1. Thanks Charity. Yes, moving south sounds wonderful. LOL

  2. we are in the same boat :( same struggle here. praying for MIRACLES!!!

    1. I keep praying for a bunch of miracles to come your way friend.

  3. We are all carrying a bucket of emotions....we just have to keep pouring them at the foot of the cross!

    1. So, true Becca. I need to be reminded daily to leave it at the foot of the cross. Thanks for the encouragement new friend.

  4. Miracles are not a tall order for God! Believing it is coming your way.

  5. Miracles... they are God's Specialty. Praying yours is coming very soon. Love you.

  6. Praying, praying, praying!

    Love you!


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