Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Scrap Box

Spring Break can be a really great time with our family.  We love to explore new places.  One of those places is The Scrap Box in Ann Arbor, MI.  This place is right up my oldest daughters alley.  It is a place for recycled items that you can use for art.  You can get a big brown grocery bag and fill it with as many scrappy things you would like. 

When we got back to my mom's the creating began down in the basement.  Funny side note...We told them they had to go to work down there; because of the mess we knew they were going to make.  They said, "We don't want to work down there....there is a heater...a pit (meaning the sump pump) and it is an abyss!"  Really an abyss....Really!  I made them apologize to their grandma while I was doubling over in pain laughing.

So, here they are creating in the abyss!

Scrappy places and creative minds help me....

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  1. I love that: abyss. Great! :oD



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