Friday, February 25, 2011

Freeing the Fat Friday - New Beginnings

God's Lessons for Me
One thing of a thousand things that amaze me about God that there are always new beginnings in Him. I have been on a hiatus from having a proper relationship with my food. There has been adverse effects of it too, my acid reflux has been simply miserable. Thank goodness that we can always pick up from where we left off and for unexpected help.

I have been meaning to get back on the eating right wagon for a few weeks now...and then I got a much needed phone call from my sister. She wanted us to start holding each other accountable everyday for every piece of food that went into our mouths...Yikes! So thanks to I think we are doing pretty good. We look at each others food chart everyday. For the last five days we both have been sticking to our low calorie life change.

I love how God just works things out to help and guide us. If we need help, He provides very unique ways. His help is not always what we expect it to be sometimes; but when He does grab a hold of it and run with it. This morning when I stepped on the scale I saw that little red line go under the number I have not been able to get under for years. God is faithful.

Meals for the Week
I am using the Sparks People website for help. What a gem of a site...thanks to my dear friend Gail who introduced it to me. I am such a terrible calorie counter and this just takes all that pressure away from me. I put in what I ate and it calculates it all for me. It tracks my goals, give me charts and graphs, monitors my water intake, checks my exercise amount and even tracks my goal of letting diet coke go. Can you tell how much I love it????

Five days + 1,200 calories = Success!

I have come to find out that I love variety. I can't stick with one thing because my very nature seems to rebel against the "same old thing". So this week I am trying to get all the highest scores on my daughter's Just Dance Kids....terrible I know....but very motivating. We will see what next week will be????

Food's Favorite Friends
Have you tried the Kraft Mayo made with olive oil! I love it! It is half the fat and half the calories and taste great in my opinion.

My sister also introduced me to plain Greek yogurt that taste like sour cream and 6oz is 80 calories and O fat.....I am going to sing that now..."ZERO FAT"!
So, check those out and see if they help you in your eating healthy efforts!

Life Challenge
Keep On Keeping On

Next Week
I will write about my brief eating disorder and what I learned.


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