Friday, February 25, 2011

New Bible Study - Romans

Oooooooo I am so excited my friend Jenilee and I are going to be doing a new bible study this March on my favorite book of the Bible, Romans. It is going to be fantastic or as some of the kids in our youth group may say, "It's going to be Epic!" hahaha It will be very fun to dig into one of my favorites.

Grab our cutie, cute button and join us. (I took the picture with my new Join us for the whole month, join us for a week, join us for a day; I am sure you will love it. Make sure you check out my friend Jenilee's thoughts. It is fun to see what God is showing each of s.

Join us March 1st for and "Epic" Bible study of Romans!


Romans 1, part 1 "Living and Breathing Faith"
Romans 1, part 2 "Deserving of God's Wrath"
Romans 2 part 1, Only One Really Judges!
Romans 2 part 2, The State of Our Hearts!
Romans 3,part 1 - We Are All Sinners!
Romans 3, part 2 - Are We Without Hope?!
Romans 4, part 1 The Joy of Faith!
Romans 4, part 2 - I Love You, Lord!
Romans 5, part 1- Great Hope, Great Love, Great Gifts
Romans 5, part 2 - The Tale of Two Men!
Romans 6, part 1 - Dead to Sin...Alive to God!
Romans 6, part 2 - Slaves to Righteousness.
Romans 7, part 1- Two Marriages!
Romans 7, part 2 - Good VS. Evil
Romans 8, part 1- Life in the Spirit
Romans 8, part 2 - More Than Conquerors
Romans 9, part 1- Loving the Lost
Romans 9, part 2 -Of Pots And Mugs
Romans 10, part 1- How To Get Saved!
Romans 10, part 2 - Beautiful Feet
Romans 11, part 1 - The Family of God
Romans 11, part 2 - Oh the Depth!
Romans 12, part 1- True Worship & God's Will
Romans 12, part 2 - BE 3 and Get Joy!
Romans 13, part 1 - Live Blameless
Romans 13, part 2 - ahhhhhh.... In The Presence
Romans 14, part 1 - Personal Convictions
Romans 14, part 2 - Critical of Others
Romans 15, part 1 - Hope for All
Romans 15. part 2 - Passion for Missions
Romans 16 - My Greetings!

He Fails Us Not!

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  1. I just preached a long series on Romans. My sermon series may help you out(of course it may not). I think most of the weeks are posted, unless we hand technical issues.


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