Sunday, February 20, 2011

In 35 Years...

1. I learned how to play the piano
2. Joined Girl Scouts
3. Played on a softball team in 8th grade
4. Played flute in band
5. Had braces
6. Learned to swim
7. Learned how to play the hammer dulcimer
8. Competed in the Fine Arts Festival at the national level
9. Placed in a few art fairs
10. Survived a major car accident
11. Went to only three schools my entire life including college
12. Have been to 31 states and plan to add two more this summer
13. Was a cheerleader
14. Gone on two mission trips
15. Became a follower of Jesus Christ
16. Was baptized
17. Filled with the Holy Spirit
18. Called into ministry
19. Went to Bible College
20. Become a minister
21. Got married to the most fantastic man on the planet
22. Became a mommy 3 times
23. Learned to love to write
24. Worked as a daycare worker, a burger joint, Bath and Body works, receptionist, pottery assistant, dishwasher and art/music teacher.
25. Learned to love photography
26. Learning the art of gardening
27. Enjoyed and enjoying 14 years of ministry
28. Going to celebrate 15 years of marriage this year
29. Became the proud owner of a dog.
30. a few fish
31. and a hedge hog
32. Became a fond reader of classic books
33. Seen 9 Broadway Musicals
34. Falling more and more in Love with Jesus everyday
35. Learning to Get Joy with every breath.


Oh I had a wonderful Birthday with my family. We went to watch my daughter play basket ball and then went out to dinner. I loved my presents: a side table from Ikea, kitchen shelves and some clothes from my hubby; Godiva, money, pitcher and a beautiful book from my parents; vintage spice jars from my sister; and the most fantastic shoes from the kids. I am blessed and I am truly loved! Here are some pictures from the day....

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  1. those shoes are adorable!!! loved your list! :) so glad you had a wonderful birthday and an amazing 35 years. Love!


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