Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Making of Cheese!

Every time my sister comes to visit, we always come up with something very strange to it is making cheese. However, the recipe says fresh milk from a grass feed cow will taste best. So we figured with all these farmers around surely these city girls could find some milk from a cow. Hey, we were even willing to milk the cow ourselves. We got in the car and started our quest for fresh moo juice.
We tried the local Farm Market first....No Luck!

We thought maybe some of the Amish, that live in our area, must sell milk! So we decided to take a drive deep into Amish land here in northern Michigan. Just a side note....I love this picture, I took while sitting in the back seat of our cruising car. Fantastic, I didn't even know there was a Amish guy walking on the road until I saw the picture.....Perfect.

Here is the Amish country store a couple miles from my house....Maybe they sell milk????!!!!

Doing a little shopping of course...peaches....pitcher....

No milk...but Mrs. Yoder gave us hope!

We were impressed with her wood pile ...I had to take a picture.

So off to the neighbors who, to our dismay, only sold eggs. I wish I had bought some. However, he sent us to another home a few miles away...but no luck....still no milk.

After talking to a friend, many hours later and $5 bucks
she only charged 2.50 but we couldn't do that, good grief she was going to milk a cow for us on the spot and in the cold. My hubby and I sat in our car on a Amish farm and waited for Mariam to milk a gallon for us. John and I just laughed as we sat waiting...oh the things we do sometimes.

These were our amish purchases today...very fun! Thanks Mrs. Alma Yoder, Mariam Beechey and her cow for a very fun adventure!

Now for some fresh homemade cheese.....

Oh my, Jen and I fell in love with the cheese, it was sooooo good. So good in fact, that I did even see my sister kiss the cheese. LOL

What a cheesy story.....GET JOY!


  1. Love Mrs. Yoder!! Love that store as well. Next time you want to have Amish adventures give me a call! I know where there is an Amish chirpractor, a discount Amish grocery store and a general store run by I "think" Mennonites. Sometime I will tell you all about how I got to meet our awesome Amish "neighbors" :)

  2. lol you were persistant! love the pictures. my husband would have loved the cheese! and I love your header bigger!


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