Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday's Walk~ An Ear Piercing

This post is in honor of my daughter who is going to attempt to have her ears pierced this week.

Have you ever seen that scene from the Parent Trap (the new one) were the one twin has to pierce the other twins ear? I laugh every time I see that scene because that is exactly what I did to one of my friends at camp when I was in eighth grade. When I think about my one and only piercing experience I amazed that I even attempted such a thing.

First things first, we got our supplies together. Some how we got a potato and ice from the kitchen, my only guess is that it was a baked potato from dinner. The needle came from a sewing kit one of us had. Believe it or not one of us had rubbing alcohol to clean the needle. My piercing victim, Sara, even had a stud with her.

In our little camp cabin at FAHOLO, I got elected to do the piercing because all the other girls were chicken I guess. To be honest I was a little nervous myself. This becomes evident a li

ttle later in the story. We iced up her ear and it was now time to do the deed.
She was lying down on her bed...eyes squeezed shut. I remember all the girls talking and giving instructions as I came at her with the needle. hehehehe I positioned the needle and started and she screamed! Her scream startled me and I stopped.

I shuttered when I realized that I wasn't all the way through. She told me to stop and I said, "You can't have a half pierced ear!" I then did not hesitate and pushed the needle the rest of the way. One ear pierced.... Accomplished! However, she would not let me do the other one. Hahahahahahaha

Anyway, my daughter recently said, "I could pierce her ears!" I simply replied, "NO WAY!"
I did wonder about my friend, Sara. Did she remember this traumatic event in her life? Did she still have the piercing? I wondered.....and wrote her a message and here was her response....

"Ha! I remember that! The hole is still there, but not in the best location and I have not used it because it's my third hole in the left ear. Not into wearing more than one set of earrings these days ;-)So your piercing job did go good! But..., why wouldn't she want to get it done at a place where it's quick!? Ha! Hope it goes well for her."

She is having it done tomorrow...I am sure I will blog about it. ; )



  1. I did not know you did that! in 8th grade??? you are CRAZY!!!!!!! remind me to never give you a needle and some ice :) ew!

  2. Oh my word! I loved recalling the Parent Trap Story while I read your post today. That whole scene made me cringe. I am sure your daughter will enjoy the end result tomorrow. :)
    Enjoyed stopping by,, I Choose Joy today too!

  3. I must admit, I totally forgot about that scene until you mentioned it! What a geat memory!!

    Stopping by from the Wed Walk - great blog! I'm a new follower :)

  4. Yikes! That is quite a story. I could never have done it with a needle, ice and a potato...but I did pierce peoples ears with a piercing gun when I owned a Merle Norman Cosmetic Studio. (:>) It is quick and easy!


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