Saturday, March 5, 2011

Romans 3,part 1 - We Are All Sinners!

Romans 1-19

10 As the Scriptures say,
“No one is righteous - not even one.

Our humanity is so plain in this first part of scripture. Here the Jews who are God's chosen people still don't get it. Just like the Jews we look for excuses to sin all the more. Surely, our sin makes God look more holy right!

No, NO, NOOOO! Our sin condemns us all the more and makes us more deserving of the punishment, the wrath of God. We are all sinners and our sin separates us from a holy God. The fact that we have broken the law proves this and we have disobeyed God.

Our sin does nothing to make God look better. (It is almost crazy talk going on here and Paul is correcting their crazy thinking) There is nothing we can do to make God look better, be better, more holy or bring Him more Glory. Why? Because He is completely Holy, completely Just, completely Glorious, completely Good and He is better than anything that ever was, is or will be. He is completely Faithful! He is completely True! There is no one like our God and it is overwhelming foolish to think that there is anything we can do to make Him better.

Do you see the ridiculousness of the thought, "That if I sin it will make God look better!"

Our sin only shows us how desperate we are for a holy God to save us from ourselves. We are so arrogant as humans thinking we can make God any less than who He is. Our sin requires a punishment; because God cannot be in the presence of sin. To be with God, we must be holy. How can we become holy? Well the answer is...when we give our lives to a holy God! When we accept His free gift, Jesus! Jesus is the only way we can become holy. A holy God can only make us holy!

An important point to note here is that it is our choice. Yes, our sin condemns us but Christ gives us away to escape punishment. So, when people ask, "How can a loving God send anyone to hell?" The answer simply is He doesn't. We send ourselves there by rejecting his free gift.

Thank goodness for Romans 3, part 2....tune into tomorrow and ...

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  1. the answer is simple! God's gifts are good and simple for us to receive! Love you :)

  2. Thank you for the kind comment on my blog :)
    I've gotten to know many young girls through Blog-Hopping, but it's always nice to find blogs like this, so I can be mentored by blogging Christian women!

  3. Great thoughts.
    I love your blog header. :)


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