Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday's Walk - Time With Grandma

My dad's mom, Grandma Dorothy, has played a major role in my life. When I think about memories of her they are not associated with a whole lot of things. Out of all my grandparents I have probably spent the most amount of time with her. So "Time" spent with her is what has been so valuable to me. I have blogged about her before here.

So many memories of always warm soup in the crock pot to fill our traveling bellies and treats on the counter. I can remember jumping into her hot car as a little girl to find garage sale treasures.
I have fond memories of.....
strolling with her in her garden and learning about her flowers,
sitting in her living room laughing and sharing fun stories,
crying in her bedroom over my broken heart with her hand on me in prayer,
sitting by fires as we share hopes and dreams,
and hugs of love as we say our goodbyes and hopes to see you soon.

In so many ways, I am most like her. My grandma is an artist, gardener, antique shopper, deal finder and more importantly a deep follower of Christ. Our personalities seem so similar as well. Growing up, even as a little child, you could find me and my grandma talking at great length for many hours about a great many things. I think my Grandma and I have this deep personal connection; because of our relationship with Christ.

Any time that I can spend with her is priceless. I wish that I lived closer; because I don't get to see her nearly enough. But her and I call each other to check in and see how we are doing and what is going on. She is my mentor...she is my friend. I love her so much. If I even can imitate my grandma, a great woman of prayer, in a small way, and then I will have accomplished much and get much joy!


The picture is of my grandma holding my dad. I love her hair in this picture.


  1. it sounds like you two are a lot alike! so wonderful to have someone like that in your life! oh that we can be that to our grandchildren one day!

  2. I'm amazed how much your sister looks like your grandma. Wow!

    That's great that you have that connection with her. She embodies the song, "Find Us Faithful."

  3. Christina..that was beautiful! I never knew either of my grandmas. I feel like I missed out. BUT I am a grandma and I truly hope that my grandchildren feel this way about me too. I treasure my time with them and love them all so much.

    Have a great day!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  4. That is so beautiful! I am close to my grandmother as well, it's such a special relationship =)


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