Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday's Walk ~ My Grandma Named Kay!

My grandma was a very crafty lady. She like to sew her own clothes. She loved to make dolls and sew their clothing. She made this huge doll house and made a lot of the furniture. She loved to doodle on letters.
She loved to make crafty things out of the simple things she had. She was a very artsy kind of lady a lot like me...or is it that I am a lot like her.

She lived during the "Great Depression" so as kids we would always hear things like; "Don' waste that!" or "Eat everything off your plate." In many ways my Grandma was a very simple woman. And the last few years of her life simple things seemed to make her very happy like ice cream bars, yummy snacks, red birds, coffee and time watching the kids play.

Sometimes she could be difficult to deal with; but she never complained about her health. She loved us in only the ways she new how. So those moments of love I cherish in my heart always.

See the doll with the black hair and burgundy dress? That is one of the last dolls she ever put together. She made that doll especially for me. She asked me how I like the dress in a magazine picture. She had no patterns no instructions...she would just get busy cutting and sewing. From time to time when we would visit she would show me her progress. That doll means a lot to me because it was her way of expressing her love. It is a treasure.

My grandmother was beautiful and I love her and miss her very much. But for now she dances with Jesus until I get there to join them.


Jenilee at The Goodwin Family is hosting Wednesday's Walk.


  1. she was so beautiful! what an amazing picture!

  2. Love this memory! The pictures are precious.. so glad that you had them to share.

  3. What a beautiful photo and such lovely memories! My grandma is dancing with Jesus as well - and I know that she is smiling down, as I'm sure your Grandma is!

  4. What a treasure to have from your grandmother! Wonderful memory of her for you to share with us.


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