Thursday, August 30, 2012

What a day in Grand Marais!

 Why I love Michigan....along the shore of Lake Superior is the little town of Grand Marias.  It may be smaller than most; but is lives up to its name, GRAND!  We happened to stay there quite by accident.  We were planning to stay in Munising; but it didn't work out.  Thank goodness!  We were blessed to spend two nights in this wonderful place.  It is such a quaint town, perfect for really getting away for some real peace.

 They have this really quirky historical site and it is this pickle barrel cabin. I was so excited to go in and buy some pickles...sadly no pickles.  However, it is a great story about a cartoonist and his love for his characters.  If you can believe it, they stayed in this fun place.  There is a living area, upstairs bedroom and kitchen off the back.  They have a fun game for kids to play.  It is open from noon to 4pm.  I told the lady that they should sell pickles on the side....they would probably make a killing.  LOL  F.Y.I most of the stores do not open until noon....I love that.  These people know how to live!

 We checked out Sable Falls just up the awesome!  It is a little bit of hike; but not too bad.  There are like 168 steps down to the base of the falls; however it is soooo worth it.  Here is a fun site I found that shows these falls and other great Michigan waterfalls. 

 My sister rented a paddle board from Grand Marais Outfitters. They had a bunch of toys to rent, LOL. The girls tried it for the first time in the very calm bay.  If you want they will even take the heavy paddle board down to the beach for you.  She rented it for 2hrs for only $15.00.  What a great deal and a fun activity.

 You can then go look for the very cool agate at Agate Beach.  If you are lucky you will find this precious rock.  If you don't know what an agate is check it out here
I think we found one. I was so excited.  Please, wear water shoes!  It is a rocky beach and it will hurt your feet and flip flops don't cut it.  Trust me we learned the hard way!  Do stop at the Agate Museum...very cool.  And if you don't find an agate on the beach you can buy one there.

There are three places to eat and we ate at the Lake Superior Brewing Co.  They brew their own homemade Root Beer and Cream Soda.  Oh, my goodness there are no words to describe this yummy goodness as it washes down there fantastic pizza.  I think there will be rivers of this stuff in heaven...hey, let me dream please. 
 After our tummies were deliciously full, we went back to agate beach to look for more rocks and to watch the sun sink into Lake Superior.  We took some really great silhouette photos!
When we were done at the beach we stayed at this great Bed & Breakfast, Agate Cross B&B.  It is owned by the nicest couple, Jamey and Lois.  It was clean, inviting, and peaceful.  They have three rooms available and they all have their own bathroom.  I love that in a B&B, your own bathroom.  Our room was the Superior Room, we loved, loved, loved staying there.  If you get a chance to stay, tell them I sent you! 
Oh, and did I mention the hot tub with fun lights!  Heaven on earth!
We had such a fabulous time in Grand Marais.  Make it a stop on your next trip to the Upper Peninsula!
Lois and Jamey served us a most wonderful home cooked breakfast each morning.  Thank you for a wonderful stay at Agate Cross B&B!


  1. Makes me want to take a trip to MI! Beautiful photos and smiles...looks like a grand time was had in Grand Marias.

  2. Hi Christina. I don't know if you remember me from Fairlane. Melissa Mallie (now Bolen).

    It's so funny to come across your blog on GM. This is my most favorite place to be. I just returned home from GM on Sunday after being there for 5 weeks (2 weeks with my husband and daughters and 3 with just the girls). We were there from July 20-Aug 26th. It was absolutely wonderful. I did NOT want to come home!

    Did you get a chance to visit all of the little charming gift shops: Fishnet House, Crystal Pinecone, The Hen House & Fallscrafts? Sable falls is wonderful. Did you do the log slide?

    We love the brewery, but next time you are there, venture out of main street and try the West Bay Diner. You have to bring your patience with you, as it's a slower run restaurant, but it's totally worth the wait. The owner is an author (South of Superior & Prairie Evers) and a FABULOUS baker! I recommend the white fish sandwich, the pizza and any baked goods (particularly the reese cookies and blueberry pie).

    I'm glad you enjoyed your stay in GM. It really is a little slice of heaven. I am already planning my trip for next summer!!

    Take care!

    1. I do remember you! We did have a great time. We went to the fabulous gift shops and the diner for ice cream. I would love to go back. Thanks for fun!


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