Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Michigan Farms!

Why I love Michigan, all the fun quirky farms!
I have been to so many fun farms in Michigan with my kids.  We went to Kei Ju Farm and Gardens in Petoskey, MI.  The owner was so kind and friendly.  The lady who ran this farm was intensely creative with her recycling ways.  It was a great visit.  You could also buy fresh goats milk, eggs and cheese.  

It was a great place for picture taking. 
Man, my guy loved this kitty. 
Checking out all the chickens...and there were a lot of chickens.
Great flowers at this down home farm!

In the past we have been cherry, raspberry, pumpkin, apple,and  blueberry picking.  We have been to petting farms and milk farms.  All of these have been great experiences.  Have you gone to any great "U Picks" or fun farms?   I just love Michigan farms!

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