Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Yes Please, Tahquamenon Falls!

Why I love Michigan.... Tahquamenon Falls!
Last week on our road trip to the upper peninsula, we saw some pretty, beautiful waterfalls.  Did you know Michigan could be so awesome?   Parents, this would be a great family trip.  The falls are located in the state park.  It is a great state park!  I am not a camper and even I would consider camping at this park...and that is saying a lot! 

Check out these sites for further information.

Paradise Chamber of Commerce

There are two sections of waterfalls.  These are the breathtaking upper falls!

 At the upper falls there is a great restaurant, gift shop and snack bar.  There are plenty of places to have a great picnic as well. 
 These are the fun lower falls.  I have heard that people like each falls for different reasons.  I could not pick a favorite.  The upper falls are just beautiful and the lower falls you can get up close and inner act with them.  Both are just fabulous.  If you have ever been, what are your favorite falls? 
 Mom and Dad, keep in mind there is some walking involved.  If you have babies or toddlers don't forget the stroller.  Grandma and Grandpa there is some walking involved so wear your good walking shoes.  The upper falls is a good 5min walk at least and there are three great viewing spots.  The last is 94 steps down to get up close and personal with the falls.  Don't forget you have to walk back up those 94 steps.  Bring some water along if it is hot.  And there is a very clean bathroom at the beginning of the path. 
 At the lower falls, you can rent boats to row to an island that is surrounded by the falls.  It is pretty inexpensive.  I think it was $15.00 for our family.  Just to let you know, that if you have a lot of kids you may need to have enough adult rowers.  If you don't want to take a boat over there still is a great path to see the falls.
We took the boat over.  We also brought a picnic lunch, which was a great idea.  We sat right along the falls and ate our lunch.  I do not think I have ever eaten my lunch in such a beautiful spot in my life.  Take a potty break before you go to the island; because there are no bathrooms over there.   Well, there is the river I guess.  LOL
 We got some AMAZING photos over at the lower falls.  It was so much fun.  We all had wished we had planned more time to stay there.  It really was a perfect day!
There are picnic tables at the beginning of the path to the lower falls.  You can also go into the nice gift and snack shop there as well.
 Tahquamenon Falls is definitely a new family favorite for sure.  We hope to go back someday and bring the boys along with us next time.  This was such a great family getaway and it is in our own backyard of this great state!


  1. There is a geocache on the island and at the upper falls

    1. Oh man, we should have looked...the girls would have loved it!


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