Wednesday, September 26, 2012

In His Image Pencil Portraits by Christina

It is official, I started my own business yesterday!  God has been gently talking with me about the gifts He has given to me.  Finally after many years, I feel that God is wanting me to use my hands to create some art.  Sometimes, God has us go in unexpected directions in our lives and I believe this is a door He wants me to walk through.  So joyfully without further new business....

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Please, stop by and check it out.  Keep it in your favorites.  Remember that Christmas is just around the corner.  A pencil portrait is a great gift idea for that "hard to buy for" or "they have everything" person.  Or maybe it is hard to get all the grandkids together for a group shot because of miles this could be a great solution.  

Always remember that we are all beautifully created "In His Image" and....

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