Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tweaking Homeschool!

We have five people and a dog living in our house.   I am homeschooling three children ages 4,9,12 and daddy is working from home.  Living in a thousand square feet means that homeschooling will need some tweaking the first couple weeks...for sure!   And boy did we have to re-examine how we were doing some things.  Very quickly I discovered that the girls cannot have any distractions and neither can my hubby.  So were do you put everybody?  And let's not forget the wild four year old who is use to having the house to himself most of the time.   

We had to put our thinking caps on and come up with something.  Because everybody in the living room and kitchen was not working at all!!!!   

My oldest has ended up at the desk in my room.  I think she likes it there very much, so long as I do not leave my clothes on her desk.  LOL  She has everything nice, neat and organized.  I like that A LOT!

My middle child is now doing her school work in the girl's room.  My parents had a school desk sitting in their basement from when I was a kid.  Yup, my mom does not get rid of anything.  The desk works perfectly in their room.  Her books fit nicely in her desk and she has all her favorite things on top.   A very girly desk for a very girly girl! 

We also had to get a homework agenda for them.  We keep track of all the homework that needs to be done in this little book.  We all laugh at the idea of homework, because is not all the work done "homework" when you are homeschooling?  But we do have class work and homework....funny!  The girls are use to agendas from public school and so this is our version of that. 

Lastly, I have discovered that I have A LOT of work to do each week.  I have come to the conclusion that it is better to regularly check their work and grade papers daily/weekly then to let it pile up.  It will help me track their progress better and not get overwhelmed with backup paperwork.  A little work done now keeps me from a lot of work later.     

What an interesting journey homeschooling is.  So far...so good.  We have had only a few crying spells, thank goodness.  We are discovering homeschooling is much harder than what they were doing at public school.  I mean harder in that there is more work for them and I think that has a lot to do with the curriculum that we use, Abeka.    But, it is good for them and it will challenge them.  They are definitely not bored.  

I am learning to be very flexible with homeschooling.  In the end it will help us all be happier and smarter.  LOL


  1. I found some grade books and homework agenda books at the dollar spot in Target. I should have gotten you some!

    See? You're so creative, you can make it all work. Way to go!

  2. Great job being flexible! Ryan finds that sometimes it is easier for him to work at McDonald's (or somewhere else that offers wifi) than to be distracted by things at home, even for just a few hours sometimes. I don't know if that will ever work for you guys, but thought I would share.

    I love homeschool. I love that we can tweak it anytime we need to. And I really love having my kids at home all day. :)


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