Tuesday, September 4, 2012

We Are Homeschoolin Now!

It is official we started homeschooling today!  Wow, it seems like yesterday we were trying to decide to go through with it, and here we are...one day done! 

I have been given a lot of tips from all my friends who are homeschooling moms.  

One tip that really helped was to go with what best fits your family.  
Here are some other tips...
Don't go to a homeschooling convention your first year, you will be overwhelmed.
Pick one curriculum for the first year.  Once you are comfortable with your schedule you can mix it up next year.  
Be flexible!  

I also learned that these tips will not necessarily work for everyone.  They did help this chick not freak out! So, they were great tips for me.  

We decided to go with Abeka Homeschool Academy.  The girls watch DVD's of each class.  It is pretty easy for all of us.  We love it.  Here is how we are organized for right now.  Each side of the cabinet belongs to a girl.  My little guy has a few preschool things tucked in there as well.  
My 7th grader watching her favorite subject, Math!
Ahhhh my 4th grader doing school in pjs, can it get much better than that?!

We are following a schedule.  No, times on this chart though.  When they get up they begin their list of things to do.  
Even shorty has a fun schedule.  I am glad we have a plan or the almost four year old will go and bug his sisters while they work.  
Hey, look I am even teaching them piano.  I feel like super mom today! 
I think our biggest challenge was doing homeschool in 1,000 square feet of living.  Things get really tight with two students, dad working at home, a three year old, a dog, and a mom trying to find a quiet place. HA  I will have to keep you posted on how we don't drive each other crazy.  LOL

I loved having my kids home today!


  1. yeah!!! you are doing awesome! :)

  2. Yeah! Awesome Christina! Love you all!

  3. Looks like you are off to a great start! We homeschool with A Beka Academy, too, and love it. Enjoy your year!

  4. Hurray! A Beka is a great curriculum.

    Always make sure to allow yourself some "mom" time.

    Love you!

  5. I love the chart you have for your son. Looks like you all are having fun. :)

  6. You'll be a GREAT teacher!!! :) We're homeschooling, too - fun! Wish you could just drop by for coffee & we'd swap tips!


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