Monday, September 17, 2012

My Little Superhero!

I printed all the superhero logos and cut them out.
Can you name them all?

Is it a bird...

Is it a plane...

No it is my Superman turning 4!

I cannot believe he is four already.  He decided that he wanted to have a superhero birthday party.  So, we got all the decorations together.  I had to keep it pretty cheap so of course I had to use my favorite super power....the power to be creative!

The party favors were fun.  I get tired of the old plastic bags.  Armed with my glue gun and blue, yellow and red construction paper    ...WaH La I created a very cute holder for my Target dollar spot finds.  I love the dollar spot at Target, don't you???  I also purchased some fun cups for our little party goers to take home.  Super Fun!

I used my printer a lot (well my mom's printer since the party was down at her house).  I googled a bunch of images and saved them.  For the center piece, I glued the images to construction paper and then cut them out.  I then taped them to curly blue ribbon hung from the light.  KaPow!

We found a bunch of fun plates and napkins at Wal-mart and other stores.  We mixed and matched them to get our three main superheros...Batman, Superman and Spiderman!  BAM!  

Then my arch nemesis, Birthday Cake, tried to defeat me.  His powers were great and almost killed my birthday mood.  But with a little help some very well placed tooth picks and fondant..... Birthday Cake was defeated.  And even though he tried to fall down and ruin the day...I was victorious.  

And as all good stories come to an end, we find a happy ending to a very happy birthday...presents and a lot of them.  He was so fun to watch this year.  He never got into unwrapping gifts in previous years.  That all changed this year when he realized what was in those packages....more toys.  Well, toys mixed in with the socks, clothes and superhero underwear.

Then of course, we had to play with the toys.  Hummmm as you can see, it was more than just the little man playing with the fun new toys.  I think we all had fun with the new Nerf guns.  Every boy needs to have a few Nerf guns in his arsenal.  LOL  Scratch that every boy and GIRL needs to have a few of those around the house.  When the kids went to bed even mom and dad had fun shooting at each other.  Hahahahahahaha
Happy birthday, my sweet superhero!  I thank God everyday that He gave you to me.  I am blessed and you are the best!  I love you!
You give me joy everyday!


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  1. Love, love, love that cake! But, love the superhero even more!

    Aunt Joni


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