Monday, April 12, 2010

Not Me Monday! Dentist, Kidnapping and Dog Edition.

My oldest daughter did not have a cavity that was filled. No not my child who regularly brushes and hardly drinks pop or eat candy, not my child. I have no cavities and surely my children would have my wonderful teeth because that is how it was suppose to work out. I would not get upset with the whole thing because of my desire for them to have perfect teeth like I would never put that kind of pressure on them...nope not me!

She didn't come out of office like it was no big deal. I was really upset for her and surely she would be upset as well. She did not tell me in front of the receptionist and the dental aide that the dentist "Terrorized" her by making her keep her mouth open so wide for so long. No my child would never use such a strong word.

She did not also watch the whole process through the reflection of the dentist glasses. She did not catch on to the fact that when the dentist said he was cleaning her tooth that he was actually drilling. She did not say, "I could tell that it was a drill mom". I do not have one smart kid!
( I would not go and try to wake her up, this morning, to take a picture of her pearly whites...nope not me...not on her no school day....not for blogging way, not me)

My middle first grade girl has not been inviting all her friends to our house for sleepovers without asking me. She has not been drawing crayon maps to our house that are actually incredibly accurate and passing them out to said friends. I did not have a mom call me and ask me if her daughter was coming over on Friday for a sleepover....ah no I believe I had other plans.

When I saw my daughter walking home, she did not have a little girl walking home with her. What! My daughter would not bring little girls home with her without permission that would be kidnapping....I think. I would not have to take her back to the school to try to find her mom. I would not have to have the principal page her mom in the school. I would not find out later that the child's mom said it was okay for her to walk home with my daughter and she would pick her up at our home. (we live just on the other side of the school so not really a big deal) But my daughter would not leave out that very important piece of not my daughter.

We would not have to have a very lengthy conversation on the way home about inviting friends over. I would not have to tell her that she has to ask me first and then I will make the plans with the mothers. No more bringing little girls home...I would not have to say not me.

I would not have a 1 year old who can say the dogs name "Eowyn" before saying mom. I mean can you say it correctly...if you can it is only because you have seen the Lord of the Rings. I would not be totally annoyed by this fact. He would not be able to say other words like football, hot dog, cookie, thank you, car, go go go, yo, not my son. I mean come on...I think he is toying with me.
No, a good mom would realize that her wonderful son will say mama when he is ready and be good with that, that is what a good mom would do. I would not get totally bugged by this.....Nope Not Me!!!!!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

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