Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Osteochondroma What?

It was bedtime and I was sitting on my bed, it was just like every night. My mom had just finished praying with me and was giving me a hug goodnight and then she noticed something out of the ordinary. I remember it like it was just yesterday, she began feeling my right arm and I could sense the feeling of worry. I was just a little girl around five and I began to worry too. There was a lump on my arm.

We went to the doctor and we were told I had a benign tumor, Osteochondroma. It was bone growing off the side of my looked like a piece of cauliflower growing off of my arm. I was told not to worry and that when I was older they would take a look at it again.

I remember my parents having the elders praying for me back then. It was all a little hard to understand when I was little. To be honest, I didn't think much of it at all; I just knew I had a lump on my arm.

It was just around Junior High that they wanted to take some more X-rays. We went in and got the first set done and the tumor had grown; which I knew because if you touched hurt. I remember when a boy at school was playfully teasing me and punched me in the arm....Ouch. I kind of talked firmly at him and told him about my tumor. I think I made him feel sad...sorry Rodney, you didn't know.

The next step was surgery; now that is when I got scared. I in no certain terms wanted to have surgery. They wanted to wait one more year before they made that finale decision. Whew...I had one more year to talk this over with Jesus! My parents had the people at church pray for me again. But I remember having a heart to heart with Jesus. I told Him how I felt about the whole thing and I remember telling Him I was scared. I then asked Him to heal my arm. I was in the car traveling down Telegraph road in the backseat of our car; listening to WMUZ....I knew He was listening to my prayer.

When we went to the doctor the following year, I remember the room and the feel of everything around me. My mom was with me and the doctor came whipping in and threw up the X-rays on the lighted board. He had last years and that day's....and then he began to say some things about how he didn't understand. He pointed to the X-rays and said here is last year's with the very large tumor on my upper arm and here is today's with the tumor completely 100% gone. He said he didn't understand how it could be...bone does not disappear! He turned to me and jokingly asked me if I had been eating my Wheaties. I replied very quickly, without hesitation, that Jesus healed me...I asked Him to and He did.

The most amazing thing about that day was yes God had healed me....but more importantly I knew that God heard me. He knew me. He cared about me. He loved me!

Ooooo, this story helps me remember God's goodness and helps me....


  1. What an amazing story! I had something very similar happen to me in jr. high. I dislocated my knee playing b-ball and at the dr. they found a tumor (benign). Long story short after lots of prayer (family, church members) we went back and mine was gone, too! God is SO AWESOME! Thanks for sharing and reminding me! :D Just one more reason to praise...

  2. What a wonderful testimony to God's healing power! Great post. Thanks for sharing!

  3. What an amazing example of how God is the Great Physician and He is more powerful than anything we face! Thanks for reminding me of His power and love today!

  4. What a beautiful story. Yes God is so good and he loves everyone of us.....
    Have a great Wednesday !!

  5. Love, love this story! Love that you wrote this down to remember and that you witnessed to your doctor=)! What a beautiful testimony of our Great Physician!

  6. THAT is an awesome post!!!!! Thanks for sharing it!

  7. Tim Thomas,was the elder who prayed for you and he heard from the Lord that it would heal in time. Love ya, Mom

  8. Hey, Mom I do remember him praying over!

  9. I did not know that! How could I not know about that??????? :) thanks for sharing it. it encourages me. :)

  10. Wonderful story about the healing power of God!

    I am sure you will never forget that day. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Hop on over for a visit!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits


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