Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Presents!

Christmas was so much fun this year. We were so busy the whole month...actually it was a little insane; but it is Christmas and we got to do so many wonderful Christmassy things. I took a picture of my calendar as proof to my family how crazy it was.

Anyway, John and I decided to not spend much money on our gifts to each other. The challenge was to really think about what each other would really want. We could spend $20.00 and go in with the kids if they wanted to. They got $20.00 to spend on each of us as well.

So, I sat and thought and thought some more and this is the idea I came up with. He loves football...He loves watching it with his dad...and he has always wanted to go see a NFL game in person. Naturally, tickets to a game would be the perfect gift....but I only had 40 bucks...not even enough for the nose bleed section at a Lion's game. What?!? You would think they would be giving the seats away...paying you to sit in them. The Lion's stink...it's the truth!

Well, we never said we couldn't use money that our in-laws were giving to us for Christmas. I love loop holes. I called my in-laws and pitched the idea to them. John's mom would buy dad's ticket and I would put money toward John's and what ever else would come out of my gift from them. They loved the idea and then began the hunt for tickets. We got John's dad involved , because what did I know about buying football tickets...nothing! Thankfully, dad had a connection through their business....to end a long story...we ended up getting the tickets for FREE! How cool is that?!? They were not even in the nose bleed section either, they got to sit on the 20 yard line, 20 rows up! Too cool! ~ I am pretty proud of myself...I got a great gift. He liked it even better that I didn't spend any money to see the Lions lose! LOL

So are you wondering what I got?????

John and the kids got me this really cool hoody! ~Good job hubby and kids!

And so all of my 11 followers can now own one too...LOL go here to check it out!

Don't you just love the internet, there are so many fun things you can do for gifts it is amazing!


  1. HI! I am visiting from Jennilee's blog! I LOVE the hoodie! That is an awesome gift!

    I'll be back to visit again!
    Nice to meet you!
    in HIM -


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