Monday, October 12, 2009

I Corinthians 9:24-25

"Get Joy" Book Verses

Hey, this was one of the verses the kids in our kid's church had to memorize is a great verse for us all to memorize.

I hate running. I always have. In school, they made us run around the field several times...I hated those days. I think I actually tried to make it look like I was running really hard but when the teacher wasn't looking I would walk, pathetic I know. I am sure there are some of you who did the same thing. I never had any desire to run in a physical race. I was content to come in last.

However, if you put me in a competition that I enjoyed like art contest, singing, pine wood derbies ...I get the idea of trying to get the first prize! I work so hard to win. I pull out all the stops. I stay up all night the night before getting it just right! All of my efforts go into winning all to receive a blue ribbon that will sit in the bottom of a box in my closet.

How much more should we put into the race to heaven? Now the neat thing about this race is that you are not trying to beat anyone. Actually, it is quite the opposite we are trying to get as many as we can to cross the finish line with us. It's not about winning this race it about finishing it. When we finish, we all receive the crown of eternal life. How cool is that? We will be given a crown that will last forever, not sit in the bottom of a shoe box in the corner of your closet and waste away. We will wear our crowns proudly and humbly lay them at the feet of Jesus. Ooooo it just gives me goose bumps thinking about it!

Run the race today and get as many as you can to run along side you

...Run hard, Run well, Run to Finish!

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