Friday, October 22, 2010

Freeing the Fat Friday ~ When You Fail!

Last Sunday, my hubby and I hosted a dessert auction to raise money for missions. We raised over a $1,000 that day which is AWESOME! However, what is not so awesome is the amount of desserts we brought home. Booooo! My will power was just not strong enough to not eat something everyday this week....argh. Sugar cookies, 2 batches of Oreo cookie fudge, banana cream pie & Snicker doodles got the better of me. I failed this week.

Now, before you think I am crazy to buy all that ....I didn't! We bought a plate of cookies and a small thing of fudge. Somehow, the rest got sent home with us. Ugh! I did take a bunch of fudge to the church for the teens to eat it hubby was not happy about that. LOL

I really felt that I failed big time this week and actually........I did. Now in the past I would usually give up at this point and say, "What does it matter???!!!" I really feel like I have made some progress and I don't want to give up just because I ate fudge and cookies (thank goodness I didn't like the pie...its the small things that make me happy...the small things)!

God's Lesson for Me

God doesn't want me to give up either. This is a life change, an act of surrender, dying to self, learning from mistakes, picking myself up when I fall it is all these things that are going to help me free this fat from my body. I want this temple to glorify Him!

When I fail, I need to run to God. I need His strength to help me. There are things in life that are just too hard to do on our own. We need the supernatural. I need the supernatural! So this week I gonna dust myself off and keep going with the help of someone who is much bigger, more stronger and more able than me.

Meals for the Week!
Didn't keep to a real tight meal plan....sad! I can really see the benefits of following a meal plan for me. I like to be told exactly what to do for this change in my life. I don't like to figure, count, get the idea. Just give me a list of things I can eat and when I can eat it and I will be one happy to follow the rules girl. Left to my own devices....failure is lurking around every corner.

I am going to go back to the strict meal plan. The unfortunate thing though is that eating healthy is expensive, Yikes! I am not sure how I am going to work the food budget for this. Ugh! I am not going to lie...this life change definitely has its challenges.

Started today...walked 2 miles using Leslie Sansone's video. I have a set I got a long time ago. I love the videos. They are a great workout. They work really well when it comes to my time since I have a toddler. I exercised during his nap. Whoo hoo! now if I can only get into a habit of doing them everyday. We shall see....we shall see....

Food's Favorite Friends!
My small frying stainless steel frying pan is my new favorite thing. My family is not on this same low calorie diet like me. It is nice to be able to cook my things in something little and easy to clean. I love my frying pan. I think I use it every day. Who wants to clean a bunch of dishes anyway??!!!

Life Change Challenge


Reminds me of a song I am going to teach my kids in Kids Church....

The rain may be falling and lightning fills the sky

But the sun is rising God is on my side

The wind may blow around me and thunder may go boom

The clouds are disappearing Your light is shining through

Never give up ‘cause He's always there

Never give up anytime, anywhere

Never give up ‘cause He's always there

Remember God is always by your side.

Next Week!

Stay on low calorie diet and exercise!

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