Saturday, October 23, 2010

The HOT items for Christmas! Well, at our house anyway!

The lists have been compiled and they have been turned in. Here are the 2010 Christmas lists of three very "good" kids. LOL I think they have been a little naughty here and there but hey it is Christmas HOhohohohohohohohoho!

Now warning for some reason a certain child's list got a little long (....okay maybe not a little....maybe more like A LOT long). I explained to her that she would not get ALL the things on her list, just a few things actually. She replied, "I like to give people options!" Have I told you she is seven! What seven year old gives you a lot of "Options"???? Mine apparently! Oh, and the big wishes are just that...wishes! They understand that those are not options but they are fun to wish about. : )

I will start with my baby boy, who really just wants anything to do with Disney's Cars & Toy Story. Here is what we think he might like......

( the highlighted ones will take you to the link of that item...too fun!)

2 year old boy list:

1. Anything to do with Toy Story

2. Anything to do with Cars

more specifically....

6. Thomas the Train stuff especially more engines
7. Books for Boys! I have a lot of girls books. LOL


10 Year old daugther's list:

1. DS games
(#1 Art Acadamy, Imagine Artist, Bowser's inside story, I spy fun house, Wizard of Oz, Narnia Prince Caspian, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader)

6. earings (unfortunately to mommy's dismay they have to be gold)
7. cute clothes
8. Circle bag, leg warmers, arm warmers & ballet socks from Little Missmatched
10. Acoustic guitar
11. picks for said guitar
14. Boxes
15. Glasses for American Girl the new two tone blue or chocolate brown
16 American girl Ivy's New Year dress
17. American girl starry doll carrier
19. American Girl Violin


fence ( because mom said there is no way we can have a pool or trampoline without one)

7 year old daughters rather long list:
1. Several DS Games
3. Pet Fish
15. Barbie clothes
16. Okay anything Barbie
19. Clothes from Old Navy ( Dress, Bling Bracletts)
20. Stuff from Little MissMatched ( Slippers, Rainboots, Dress, Skirt, Sweater, tunic dress, Socks Winter hat, Mittens scarf)
American Girl Bed....Julie's
American Girl Bike

Thinking about Christmas is way too much Fun!

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  1. Awesome lists! I'm concerned, however, that my youngest daughter's list is nearly identical to your son's! LOL!


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