Friday, October 15, 2010

Freeing the Fat Friday ~ The Inside Matters Most

I am finally getting back to the basics around here when it comes to food. This week seemed a bit more tough than weeks in the past and I am not sure why. I think part of it is that I am in a bit of a time of mourning. I know that is crazy; but I think that is where I am at. I am not young anymore and food doesn't go through me like it use to. I use to eat pretty carelessly and it did not matter that much. I am learning that I never really had a right relationship with food to begin with. For far to long I have tricked myself into thinking I could eat like I use to once I lost a few pounds. The truth is I can not ever eat like I did, I think that is why I am in mourning. LOL

Meals for the Week!
This week I went back to the 1200 calorie diet. Here are some of the highlights of the week!

Yummy salads, I am so thankful I love salads. This one was great even with the fat free ranch. My friend Jenilee has some yummy salad ideas, go check them out.
Lamb chop, potatoe with salsa and a veggie mix. Lamb is soooooo good but pricey!

Marinated chicken with veggie on noddles was good. The clue to goodness in this dish is marinating the chicken. I marinated it in a healthy Italian dressing. Then drizzled some dressing on the noodles and topped with the chicken & veggie mix.

Eggo whole wheat, lowfat waffles are pretty good topped with lowfat yogurt, (1 TB) sourcream & blueberries.

(This one is for you Jenilee) This lettuce wrap was surprisingly good. Marinated green beans and peach smoothie with your wrap makes for a good lunch.

Now hands down this might be my favorite dinner so far. Flounder on rice was good....well I could do without the cooked spinach. I think next time I will just have a spinach salad. I have decided cooked spinach is gross. Back to the good part, I cooked the fish in a fun yummy way. Here is the recipe....

Flounder Rollups

Things you will need:
Flounder Fillets
Salt and Pepper
Olive Oil

1. Either fresh or frozen flounder fillets can be used. If frozen, thaw first. How much fish to fix is your choice.
2. Cut each fillet lengthwise creating about 1 inch wide strip. A little wider or a little narrower is fine. If you have small pieces, leave them flat.
3. Sprinkle each fillet with salt, pepper, and paprika.
4. Starting at the small end, roll the fillet, and then push a toothpick through the roll.
5. Spread olive oil on a shallow baking pan. Place the rolled flounder on the baking pan with the cut, flat side down. If you have pieces too small to roll, lay them flat on the pan.
6. Chop onion, about 1/3 cup for 2 pounds of flounder (more or less to taste). Sprinkle chopped onion and basil over the rolls and flat pieces. Drizzle all lightly with olive oil.
7. Bake at 400 degrees Fahrenheit in the center of the oven about 30 minutes. The tops will be brown. Goes well with long grain brown rice. Add a green vegetable and you have a healthy, low fat meal.

I sauted some garlic and onion and mixed in the rice to add some more flavor....mmmmm soooo good!


All I can say is ...GRRRRRRRRR ! I hate to do it and I have no motivation to. GRRRRRR I have lost some weight but I would be much further along if I would just do this. GRRRRRR We will see how I do next week. I make tooooooooo many excuses on this one. Am I the only one who hates exercise???????? It is all about the discipline of it, God knows I need His help on this one.

God's Lesson for Me
I jumped on the scale the other day and got excited...and then God got my attention. This is not about the pounds I shed, it is about glorifying my creator with my body. Being healthy and being a good example to my kids about body image is what I want. So God gave me another challenge...I am not going to weigh myself until Christmas. Crazy, I know! But being fully submitted to God in everything sometimes seems crazy. LOL

I really want this to be a life long change and for me it can't be about the numbers on the scale glaring back at me. Obviously being overweight is not healthy; but when I was 104 lbs I was not glorifying God either. My senior year in high school I starved myself to lose weight. When what I look like on the outside matters more than what God thinks of me on the inside.... neither is healthy.

God wants me to have a right relationship with food. To have self-control and discipline is something I have to learn in order to have this good relationship. Food is meant for my nutrition. Nourishing foods help me to feel good, stay strong and be healthy. Overeating or starving does me no good at all. With God's help I know that He will help me in this area of my life so that I can be fully submitted to Him in everything.

Food's Favorite Friends!

1. Salsa, Salsa, Salsa....Yeah! It is great on eggs. It is great on meat. It is great on salad. It is great on a potato. It has become my #1 friend! Thank you salsa...Thank You!

(I think I shall make up a song to this....LOL hahaha singing to my food that is just plain crazy!)

2. Earthgrain's Flat bread....Yummy!

3. Splenda mixed with a little cinnamon sprinkled on toasted Earthgrain flat bread, so good!

4. Lime in my water sure taste better than just plain old water.

Life Change Challenge
Pray through my stubbornness on exercise!

Next Week!
Continue my 1200 calorie diet and hopefully some exercise. : )

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