Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wednesday's Walk ~ My 2nd Baby Story

Once upon a time not so long ago, well 7 years to be exact, our second beautiful baby girl was born. John and I were totally excited about expanding our little family of three to four. I was ready to have this bundle of joy and could barely wait for the day of her arrival.

She decided that she loved my tummy too much and a week after my due date the doctor said it was time. On a early Monday morning we headed to the hospital this time however we had a visitor with us...my sister. She was graduating from college when my first child was born and missed the whole thing. So to make it up to her for my bad planning we invited her to experience the whole event...and she was excited (maybe just maybe more than me). We even let her cut the cord. ( I won't mention the pictures from her wallet that she taped up for me for a focal point during contractions....I mean come on I didn't know half of them!)

This delivery started out very similar. I was induced, I wouldn't dialate for forever and eventually the anesthesiologist was on his way. Suddenly, something very strange happened that was not a part of my plan. I felt the urge to go to the bathroom. I told the nurse I had to go. She said I couldn't the anesthesiologist was out in the hall getting my much wanted drugs ready. But, I REALLY had to go, so I told her again. She said no again...big meanie nurse. Then I told her sorry but it is just coming out anyway. LOL (Don't laugh too hard) Well, then the nurse said, "I am going to check you!" "What??? Check me ew I just peed the bed!", I thought to myself. Here is the unfortunate part...it was actually my baby's head crowning...I didn't pee the bed.

Now you may be thinking I am crazy...and you might be on to something; but I need to clarify a few things first. My first baby I had a glorious epidural ...I couldn't feel anything down there. I didn't know what it felt like for a baby to actually come out of me...hence the confusion. LOL Now the unfortunate part was that I was completely unprepared to have a natural birth. I asked the nurse if the anesthesiologist was still coming to give me my drugs. She then began to tell me that he was not and that my OBGYN was on the way. WHAT!!!! NO!!!! WAIT!!!! I started to cry. Then the mean nurse said, "Are you going to get yourself together?!" I very angrily said, "YES!"

Five minutes later my daughter was born and I was still alive. LOL

I always wondered how I was going to love a second baby. I thought that my first had all the love I could give....but you know what my heart just got bigger as soon as she was laid in my arms. I had the same amount of love for her as her sister. She was born two days before my birthday and we celebrated both of our births in the hospital...I am afraid it is a birthday I will never forget!

Now our family was even more wonderful. I loved every minute of my new baby girl. She loved to be held. She was so good and perfect. She sucked her thumb; it was one of my favorite things about her when she was a baby. It was just too cute. I thank God for everyday He allows me to be in her life.

She is beautiful, brilliant, content, just, a great helper, to the point, peaceful and a leader. She simply amazes me with her mind and thoughts. Her grasp of life astounds me at times. She is a mama's girl, she always has been. You can find her snuggled up to me in the church pew every Sunday. I cherish every moment with her. She is our "Booo"!

God is gonna use this girl!

This girl has spirit & passion and I love her so much. Every day she helps me....

Jenilee at The Goodwin Family is hosting Wednesday's Walk.


  1. Oh, that's awesome! I always go way over my due date, so I can relate! I love your comment "I was still alive!" ha ha! I know that feeling!!!

    Visiting from WW!

  2. she is so adorable!!! :) and you pulled yourself together alright... me? I would have died! lol

  3. I really love this account, Christina! Thanks for sharing. :)

    your newest follower,


  4. You are amazing!!LOL!!! And you have such beautiful girls!
    Have a blessed day!


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