Friday, November 12, 2010

Freeing the Fat Friday ~ Moderation & Self Control

God's Lesson For Me

Last night we went to Pizza Hut and for the first time in months I ate way too much. I am paying the price for it today. I ate 5 little breadsticks and 1/2 of a piece of pizza. Ugh...way too much bread and cheese. Now for some that may seem like not so some they may think, "Whoa girl, are you ccrazy?" .... but for a girl with IBS & a low functioning gallbladder is killer. I am hurting today.

Wow, I have not been in this much hurt for months. It is easy to see how much white bread, cheese and grease does me in. I think God's lesson is screaming at me today from my tummy. Moderation! Moderation! Moderation stupid girl! I knew going into that restaurant that one piece of pizza was all this tummy could handle; but those breadsticks looked soooooo good.

Self-control can be so hard when it comes to food. But it is what God is asking us to do, to live a life of self-control even with our food. I am learning the lesson the hard way today. (I have written about self control here )

Proverbs 25:28 (New International Version)
28 Like a city whose walls are broken through

is a person who lacks self-control.

Meals for the Week

Didn't do well this week. I got lazy. Eating right takes discipline and care. I am going to do my best next week.


I am getting into a grove with this. I have found a good time to do it and my hubby is encouraging me along the way. Whoo Hoo now if I could getting the eating right working together with this!

Food's Favorite Friends!

Thank the Good Lord for small miracles (I am not joking)! When you are radically changing the way you use food it is nice to have certain things like Diet Coke to help you out. Now, someday I would like to drop it from my diet as steps, baby steps. For now it helps when all you can drink is water and 1 cup of milk everyday.

Life Change Challenge!

Stop eating at Pizza Hut, it is a killer....Just kidding!

Next Week!
Strict 1,200 calorie meal plan and exercise and see how it goes.

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