Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday's Walk ~ Love in T.P!

When my hubby first started being interested in me, he had an interesting way of flirting. I am not sure if it worked and my dad did not think to highly of it. Yet, here I am married to him for 14 years.

My dearest decided to decorate my family's home with white streamers of love......

Nothing like getting up early on a bright Sunday morning, cleaning up wet toilet paper and then have to get ready to go to church. Have I ever mentioned how much I love sleeping in (I was 16... come on)....not this day. Dad woke me up and since this guy was my was my mess! : (

The funny thing is...this is the 2nd time he had T.Ped our house. LOL

Jenilee at The Goodwin Family is hosting Wednesday's Walk.


  1. I think you should have called him and had him come over and clean it up! (:>) (Or had your dad call him...but then you might be married today! ha!) (:>)

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. Oh, the things we do when in love...cute post. Stopping by via Wed's Walk.

  3. Oh wow! Well, having been the TP'er myself, I can say that he put a LOT of work into doing that! So he must have liked you an awful lot! LOL!

  4. He did a very through job lol. We lit the end with a lighter and it would burn so fast it didn't mark the trees but it did clean itself up!

  5. ROTFL!! That is an awesome way to start off a relationship! Well, I mean, you know... NOW it's okay, since it worked out. Love it! :D

  6. I did not know about this! how funny!!!


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