Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday's Walk ~ Grandpa's Hat

Last week, I wrote about my dad's I will remember my mom's dad.
I always think of my grandpa as very dashing. Even in his old age when he would fall asleep in his lazy boy while watching television....there was just something about him. I love him and miss him very much. It has been 15 years since he left his home here to find a better one in heaven with Christ.

There were a few things that I wanted after he was gone some of his paint brushes and one of his hats. I always loved that my grandpa wore a hat when he went visiting and not just a cheap baseball hat or winter hat. You know the kind that you crease with your hand?! He wore a real hat, a fedora hat!

When they came to visit he would have on his trench coat and fedora. I loved seeing him like that. I can still picture him coming up our driveway on a particular snowy day with a smile on his face.

One of my other fond memories is that whenever he called you on the phone on of the first things he would always say to you was..."Hey, you are looking good!" I would always giggle and say, "Oh grandpa, you are silly you can't see me on the phone."

He was a wonderful grandpa! I miss him; but I will see him soon.

Fond memories help me....

Jenilee at The Goodwin Family is hosting Wednesday's Walk.

Here is a another story about my grandpa...Out On The Boat!

Oooooo don't you just love the picture I took of his hat with my new camera....ah it is true love!


  1. i love your idea of remembering your grandparents! are you going to do your grandma's too? love his hat. he does look very dashing!

  2. what a sweet memory! My dad used to wear those hats as well....I forgot about that until now :) Blessings to you!


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